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Restaurante Samsara . Indian cuisine on La Gomera

Opposite Apartamentos "Tres Palmeras", La Playa

La PLaya , Calle Playa del Ingles . Ed. Casanova, Locales N° 4 & 5 . 38870 Valle Gran Rey . La Gomera . Spain

Due to the current situation,
depending on future tourism development,
we will probably not be able to reopen our restaurant until next Christmas season 2020/2021 at the earliest,
i.e. probably not before mid-December 2020.

We will let you know as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding!

Impressions from the Samsara

Opening times

Summer from 7 pm - Winter from 6 pm


+34 922 80 71 03 . +34 642 364 064

Take Away

+34 922 80 71 03




As mysterious and full of secrets as the world of her Gods is her food with its never ending variety of tastes.

In Indian mythology, the meaning of SAMSARA derives from the sacred language of Sanskrit as a symbol of the everlasting cycle of being, of becoming and passing away, birth, death and rebirth, with the prospect of eventually leaving this rhythm of "constant wandering and suffering" to achieve the state of salvation, which the Hindus call Moksha and the Buddhists Nirvana.

SAMSARA is the only ORIGINAL INDIAN TANDOORI RESTAURANT on the island of LA GOMERA, Canary Islands.

The SAMSARA, formerly SHIVA, with the same team under the same management was opened in May 2012 by a filmarchitect from Munic who lovingly created the interior of this restaurant inspired by MODERN INDIA and COLONIAL INFLUENCES.

The restaurant is situated in the famous „VALLE GRAN REY“, valley of the great king, contributing nicely to the restaurant scene of the little village LA PLAYA, right at the sea, and so , as a a tribute to the beauty of the island you find yourself seated surrounded by banana trees and bamboo woods, while enjoying the culinary specialties prepared by INDIAN CHEFS, in an open style kitchen, at the same time feeling the atmosphere of INDIA herself.

This wonderful place with its authentic interiour could just as well be found in a major city like LONDON or NEW YORK, and still it is giving you a feeling of ease and relaxation so well known and felt on the island of La Gomera.

Your journey through the sensual world of Indian tastes is accomanied by GENTLE SOUNDS OF INDIAN MUSIC and the soft lights changing the colour of the little waterfall flowing in the optical center of the restaurant.

Not only does the SAMSARA offer the most likely BIGGEST VARIETY OF VEGETARIAN DISHES ON THE WHOLE ISLAND but also special children's dishes, a number of tasty INDIAN CURRIES, exciting FISH SPECIALTIES and BIRYANI dishes. The ORIGINAL TANDOOR, a TRADITIONAL INDIAN CLAY OVEN gives you the opportunity to enjoy TIKKA dishes served as TANDOORI SKEWER with its most unique and delicious taste.

As a grand final of your SAMSARA night out you are being offered very typical desserts like GAJA HALWA, a tempting creamy mix of honey , carrots, pistachios and almonds, or a variety of KULFI icecreams typical for India and made of pistachios, or a fusion of GOMERAN DREAM, fried banana and pineapple served with a dash of high quality spanish brandy, Lychees and Kulfi icecream with MIEL DE PALMA, the TYPICAL GOMERAN PALM TREE HONEY.

The bar can serve you an EXQUISIT SELECTION of alcoholic beverages, international beers and excellent Spanish and Italian wines, aperitifs, digestifs, like ORIGINAL INDIAN RUM, and of course INDIAN LASSIS as well as a great choice of teas and CHAI.

Get inspired to a faboulous journey through India!

You can easily find the SAMSARA INDIAN TANDOORI RESTAURANT opposite Apartamentos "TRES PALMERAS" in the village of LA PLAYA in VALLE GRAN REY.

We are looking forward on spoiling you!

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India Canaria S.L. . NIF: B76758093
La PLaya , Calle Playa del Ingles . Ed. Casanova, Locales N° 4 & 5 . 38870 Valle Gran Rey
La Gomera . Islas Canarias . Espania
Tel: +34 922 805100

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